Puerto Vallarta, Preface

What do you do when a trusted friend says something to the effect of, "...I have the hotel room in Puerto Vallarta for the whole weekend, come down if you want"?

If you're me, you weigh the pros and cons, mostly a cost vs. fun proposition. Quickly, I realized this would be relatively low cost for high, high fun. One could imagine or it might have seemed like it took more convincing, but this was almost a no-brainier. Three nights in 90+ degree weather in late November, international travel, sand, sea, tequila, a wedding to attend, and so much more. It was an easy choice. 

So, that will set up the next few posts, in which I'll simply recap each day/night. This includes my first night there, which I'll call "Tequila Night"; the second which everyone will rightly call, "The Wedding"; and the last night, which I'll call, "The Boardwalk". Here's a glimpse...

Sit back and wait for the full posts. 

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