2015 Wright County Fair, Pie Eating Finals, Howard Lake, MN

You're probably going to have a good day if it starts out with this sign. 

Having qualified at their pie eating contest a couple of years ago, I got through this year's Friday qualifier in first place. It felt pretty good and people seemed excited. I guess ~20 or so years of eating meals with siblings hanging on for every extra uneaten scrap paid off. 

The finals were a couple days later, on Sunday. I decided I'd allow the excitement people had for the feat on Friday propel me through another quarter of a pie and the final round on Sunday. At the very least I'd be eating another piece of free, homemade pie (go Waverly Cafe!). At best I'd win cash and the right to be called the champ. In actuality, a food challenge is something I've wanted to see through for a while now.  

A quick primer on the contest rules, as I know them: 
- every person is served a quarter of a standard 9" pie (about two "normal" pieces)
- it's always been cherry pie, as that filling shows up best on the face for the audience
- you can only use your mouth to eat, hands/arms are placed behind your back
- contestants must clean the plate leaving nothing bigger than the size of a dime, though I've heard nickel too
- first one with a clean plate wins, though that has not meant it has to be chewed and swallowed, just off the plate

The finals proved much more contested than the qualifier, including a recently de-throned county fair queen and a pre-teen boy that seemed extra hungry. However, I was able to bring home of the cash and glory. My quick calculations from video prove me cleaning my plate in about 28 seconds. 

How sweet it is. See you next year Wright County Fair. 

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