Concert: London Grammar @ First Ave, Minneapolis, MN

Okay, watch this video first.

So, do you recognize them now? I think many people will recognize the music, but maybe not the band name.

On a whim, I checked the site for our famous First Ave music venue and much to my surprise and delight, I noticed that London Grammar was playing a show that very night, and for the low-low price of $22 (before fees). I had heard them enough to want to see them live and the price couldn't be beat.

With the ticket bought an printed I headed out on a snowy night, dodging highway traffic by taking a surface street loop through much of the city, making my way downtown. I arrived just after doors opened, but not in enough time to grab a place to sit for the show. No matter, I had a great view for pics and the sound is always good at First Ave.

Here are some "action shots". They had a great stage presence and used their lighting well. Almost as good as Phantogram...ok, not really, but it was a nice addition to the show and I appreciated all the blinky lights..

All in all, it was a great show for a snowy Tuesday night. They were very appreciative of the audience, for allowing them to make their US tour a reality, and said so to us many times. They played a 2-song encore and showed a side of themselves on the last song that I think they were hiding or saving for us. They kind of let it all hang out on the last song and it was great.

I don't think anyone in the audience went home disappointed. I would see London Grammar again in a heartbeat, and even at a higher price... but don't tell anyone that.

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