Concert: Phantogram @ Myth Nightclub, St. Paul, MN

I was lucky and brave enough to head out to what is basically White Bear Lake, MN (ok, in fairness, I think it's Maplewood...big diff) to an honest-to-goodness nightclub known as "Myth" to attend the Phantogram concert a couple nights ago.

Rumor has it they do MMA fights here too. The yellow in the letter "Y" looked like mold growing down the sign
The club wasn't as bad as everyone seems to comment, though it is a far piece to get there (in terms of going to a show on a "school night"), and the concert was AWESOME!!! This group is known for their high energy and literally bright lights, and this proved very true. The production value of this bands show are like nothing I've ever seen, again, it was AWESOME!!! Both the front man and woman seem to give the group and the audience all their energy too. It was a great night. Check out the few pics I could capture on the terrible, crappy cellphone I'm currently using... 

Symbolism? Don't go there

At one point, she put on a lit or sequined coat and the lights just radiated off of her, it was cool

If you ever get the chance to see Phantogram live, do NOT pass it up. Just go... even if you have to cross state lines.

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