Workshop at Union, Minneapolis, MN

Uhmmm, this will be on of my shortest restaurant posts. In a nutshell, don't go.

The space is cool, no doubt. The food was good, to fine, to not very good (I think that's known as "inconsistent" in the food biz). The service was bored, as even during restaurant week it wasn't a busy night. The music was out of an 80's bar in Chicago's Boystown. But, on Hennepin Ave in downtown Minneapolis, you got to BRING IT these days. Things can't be so-so. There are so many top-notch options nearby that if you're not reaching for #1, you might as well pack up your knives and go home.

Aren't these just supposed to be in BBQ joints? Nothing says high-end dinner like a Ball jar turned into a water glass

  • Jicama & grapefruit salad with pancetta, pear stuffed gnudi
 - 2 pretty much didn't Likes - bitter, the gnudi was the star of this dish though
  • Potatoes & Gruyere with smoked bread - 2 Likes - like a fancy potato salad and the smoked bread really added some depth of flavor
  • Braised beef bavette with spiced potato puree & bok choy - 2 pretty much Likes - the bok choy was actually charred and smoked broccoli rabe

  • Slow baked salmon with shrimp fennel ragout  - 1 Like, 1 not so much Like - this was good, but nothing really stood out

Their dessert choice, which included a spiced ginger cake (with real, visible fibers of ginger in it), tart cherries, some sort of mousse and a small dollop of cinnamon ice cream - 2 Likes, pretty much
One final positive comment - they have a sister space known as Rooftop at Union on the roof of this building. It's a cool place for a drink, and I'm told, brunch. I would go back for the views, drinks, and to try the brunch. I mean, who can screw up brunch? Then again...

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