Le Town Talk Diner, Minneapolis, MN

This may turn out to be one of my most unique restaurant posts, as I don't really have any pics of the food, and will likely not talk about it too much. In a nutshell, the whole trip to Le Town Talk Diner was good, maybe even better than good. Except, I don't know if it's the somewhat bleak neighborhood, the chilly air in the restaurant that night, or the semi-empty rooms, but it was missing something.

Even the decor is better than average, pretty cute if you have a group for the large round table, or want to tuck into a booth. Though, in the middle of this neighborhood, I found the French theme a bit out of place. I do understand that the owner(s) are from Marseilles, but the French music, menu, and drinks just didn't do it for me. That's not to say any of the fare was bad, again, it was all good, but I just didn't get it. Maybe I need to go back again or have this in my own neighborhood as my "go-to" spot. 

Here's the rundown of my food choices:
- ocktoberfest beer, amen 
- tomato soup with creme fraiche and chive, hit the spot on a chilly, windy October evening
- Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald porter, delicious
- a bite of a shared appetizer, tartine (a French twist on an open-faced grilled cheese with tomato and fennel)
- steak frite, was told at the bar it was 6oz, but it came out as 10oz. Alright. I ordered it medium-rare and it was just rare...I just ate it. The fries were thin and crispy.  
- for dessert we split their chocolate mousse, this had very little mousse structure, almost sticky, but did have chocolate and a warm spice/heat, and since another person in our group sent her under-cooked steak back, we got it comp'ed 

This tomato soup with creme fraiche did hit the spot after my first beer, while I waited for my fellow diners at the chilly bar

This round table would be fun for any group, no doubt

The menu is well laid out, relatively simple, and not overwhelming

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