Wright County Fair 2014, Part 3: Demolition!!!

Since I've only been to the Wright County fair twice, no fair would be complete for me without some demolition derby! Now, I wouldn't normally consider myself a car guy, or a demolition guy, but it's really really hard not to like this whole event, every time. They basically just line up some old junkers (that people have spent countless hours soupin' up and painting ridiculous themes) and have at it. This day at the fair was combine derby night. That's right, old farm combines would be smashed up and ran til dead. I truly was surprised how much force these hit each other with, and also how many of them just kept going and going.

Of course, the night started with the kids getting in on the action, Power Wheels Derby. I s^%t you not!...

It actually was both cute and scary at the same time. Like in the first pick one kid's parents are getting him to the "ring" finally and as soon as he got there, another competitor came over and smashed right into him - welcome to Derby, son.

Then the big boys (and girls) came out...
You have your General Lee theme. This is generally considered racist now, right?
This big gray one was easily one of the best decorated, as a big elephant - quite nicely too. This was also one of our female drivers for the event

They really "got up in there" with their implements , though they were not allowed to reposition their implements during the event. I was surprised by the force these combines hit each other

After two rounds of qualifiers, plus a lawn tractor derby (for the teenagers, again not joking, it's a family affair), they brought out the remaining three combines for the final round. I already forgot who won, but I know it was glorious.
Once the sun was setting on the lights went on, this is the final round. It was the original "fast & furious" for about 5 minutes. Winner winner, chicken dinner!

And now on to the next county fair. There's one next weekend, Carver County, but I don't have anyone I know heading out... not sure I need to have so much fun solo.

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