Wright County Fair 2014, Part 2: Vittles

Fair food - if food was the only thing there, I'd still go. I've also figured out not to try anything new at the fair in the savory category. A seafood vendor in the middle of farm country - no way, Gorton. A mexican food stand - no way, Jose. A Scottish sausage cart - no way, Seamus. But if there are new sweets, I'm usually on board. How would we have discovered deep-fried Twinkies or last year's amazing Sate Fair feature, the Red Velvet Funnel Cake - so good.

Since we just wanted something light to start the day, as we didn't know if we could participate in the pie-eating contest that afternoon, this is how I started my fair food day
You CANNOT go wrong with a classic corn dog. It was fresh and delicious
 And it was good we got something in quick as we weren't able to participate in the pie-eating this year. That afternoon's round was for police, firemen and county workers. Ok, fine. I can sit this year out. So, on to something light... like corn on the cob and mashed potatoes, found at the same vendor...

Garlic mashed potatoes with bacon bits & cheddar

This didn't take but a minute, though it was odd to eat top-to-bottom instead of side-to-side (aka, "typewriter")

Then, on to dinner with a bit of theatre as we decided to take our mains to the Bingo Tent. We won all around... to the tune of pulled-pork and $8 cold hard cash.

This was smoked on site and included a scoop of bacon coleslaw for an extra $2

Oh yeah, easy to win bingo when only 12 other people are playing
Finally, a sweet treat before heading into the grandstands for the evening's entertainment...
Chocolate Malt, please. Only one is for me, unfortunetly
And I decided to save this bad boy for next year...

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Victoria said...

Yummm,i love the fair food too


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