Wright County Fair 2014, Part 1: Livestock

What is your favorite season of the year? Christmas? Halloween? Easter? It's OK, you're wrong. The sweetest season of the year is county fair season!!! Let the games begin in Minnesota's Wright County. This county is almost straight west of the cities and it's well-worth the drive. Sit back for the next three nights to gobble up a three-part post on the animals, foods, and "entertainment".

 The first thing most people do (ok, I have no idea what most people do) is hit the barns to see some cute and not-so-cute animals. As I understand it, it helps you work up an appetite and, for me, thank god I don't own any pets.

Now we only managed to walk the goat barn (yes, there's a goat barn... as well as cows, birds, sheep, etc... c'mon, you get this, it's not rocket science) on accounta we had to make sure we saw a special show in one of the viewing areas...

These two baby goats ("kids"?) were cute as heck, but as ornery as the devil. They would eat anything in front of their mouth (My shorts? Yes.) and head butt each other all around the pen

[Insert Cubs' curse joke here]
 So, less time in the barns because we had to make the llama show. Llamas were dressed up in themed costumes by their owners and paraded around the viewing area. It's like a big deal for the 4-H crowd, and I did think it was pretty unique, to say the least. This was the big ribbon winner... basketball llama.

I'm sure you can see why from the picture too. There was a "moving truck" llama, a pirate llama (pirates are big everywhere) and a hot air ballon llama (don't ask), but I was really hoping there would be a Dalai Lama (buzinga!). Much to my chagrin, there was not.

There was one other rare "animal" that I do enjoy viewing at the fair, "homosapien redneckicus". This is a rare two-legged, upright animal that is quite common in these parts.
Notice the bucket of fries, fanny pack, and mullet - a beautiful example of the species

Speaking of fries... since I stepped into the fair, I had food on my mind, which as luck would have it is the next post. It will be up tomorrow. Stayed tuned...

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