Avoli Osteria, Omaha, NE

In Omaha last weekend, on the last night, we decided to hit a (relatively) new, local, northern Italian spot in Dundee known as Avoli. The full name is Avoli Osteria Omaha. 

Boy, we the three of us super glad we finally got to eat here. It started off with a bang right out of the gate with our first three appetizers - 

A burrata with heirloom tomates: 

A special bruschetta of the day, "Pork with Peach Jam":

This was like the best of bruschetta, smoked ribs, and peaches all on a simple, two-bite-sized toast. We also added a big hunk of rosemary ciabatta to our list of apps, which happens to come from Le Quartier down the block (no pic of this, it went fast).

Then I ordered their made-in-house gnocchi with house sausage, heirloom tomatoes, rapini (broccolli rabe), basil, and pecorino Romano:

This was as good as all the rest of our items from the menu. What a nice night to end the weekend and start the week. At the end of our dinners, we decided to walk down the block to a great ice cream shop, instead of having something from Avoli's dessert menu - I think we knew we will be back.

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