Yes, get LASIK!

Having worn glasses since being "caught" in a 5th grade eye check, I've had my fill of glasses and bouts with contacts (which feel like wearing steel wool in my eyes). Have you always wanted to look into getting LASIK?

First, get a consultation to make sure you're an eligible candidate for LASIK. They're usually free and you can easily check out a few different places, like I did.  I think you should too as you're going to pay thousands of dollars for laser eye surgery - better make sure the place feels right to you. 

I chose Whiting Clinic in St. Louis Park, MN. I liked them the best from the places I visited, based on service, presentation, and reputation, among other things. 

Second, know what you're getting into. They will use a laser on your eye, along with creating a flap in your cornea. If you freak out at the dentist, you probably won't like this. Then again, if you want to get rid of glasses in under ten minutes, maybe this is for you. 

Thirdly, be prepared for the post-op healing. Take the day off. Follow the prescribed eye drop schedule. Don't rub your eyes. Be prepared for burst blood vessels in the whites of your eyes. You have to do it all right as you spent so much on your eyes. Don't fall down now. 

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