Delano, MN 4th of July Celebration

If you ever get the chance to check this out, wait, no - make plans to check out this small town 4th celebration. It runs four days, including a festival set-up (rides, games, music), plus food vendors, and one of the best firework displays I've ever seen, big city or small town. The ride out is easy, parking can be simple, and the expense isn't as high as "big city" events. 

Start with some refreshing lemon squeeze, and a half a cheeseburger. 

Get some charity bingo in, 3 cards for $1 per round. 

Check out the MN Disc Dog exhibition, beautiful dogs...this girl was so soft too. 

You can't forget the foods. I don't think you can ever go wrong with a pork chop on a stick and corn on the cob. So good, and a bargain at $7. 

Clean it down to the bone and make your mother proud.

Refill the lemonade and grab a vanilla shake from the local dairy board stall before heading to your previously placed blanket at your fireworks viewing spot (yeah, nobody will move your blanket or steal your stuff). Note: in hindsight, a lemon-based drink and a dairy-based drink may not have been the best combination. 

Zero Dark-Thirty - go-go fireworks!!!

Finish up a 13,000 step day with a walk back to your car while the crowds and traffic disperse. Home sweet home for sleep. Done. 

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