Minneapolis Restaurant Week, Part 2: Corner Table

Not one to waste anything that is a (perceived) good value, I couldn't, in good conscience, miss a chance to squeeze in one (or two?) more restaurant visits during Minneapolis' Restaurant Week. Having just finished an after-work appointment, I decided to jump 6 blocks over to Corner Table and check - it - out.

First note, Corner Table has moved. Google Maps didn't know that, but they luckily put a nice piece of paper in their old locations' window with the address of the new location, just two block south. Phew. I made it. And what a wonderful outside and inside space they have created. It's warm, inviting, and cozy. What else could you want in an upscale neighborhood restaurant?

And as luck would have it, mostly since I was on my own for dinner, I sat smack-dab at the end of the "counter table", in the heart & heat of the kitchen. What more could I want?! Throughout the meal, the chefs interacted with me to a degree (more than any other restaurant) and would answer questions or offer comments. It never got to the point of them flipping me something to sample, but still, it was pretty rad for a part-time foodie.

They had a pork tenderloin ready at all times for their Brazilian-style stew called "feijoada"

Dill fronds, anyone?

The feijoada all plated up with their own homemade linguica sausage. They didn't mention this sausage on the menu or I think I would have chosen this entree instead - meh

I was also able to see or click pics of everything leaving the kitchen. It was a great way to see what I wanted to eat and also see what I was missing, or could have on my next visit. Everything looked good too - good enough for pictures.

I gave the menu a quick read and decided quickly on some of the "lighter" options:

Ricotta Gnocchi with fresh spring peas, lamb bacon (it's a thing now), and pea shoots
Good, fresh bread & butter to help cleanse the pallet (or fill the belly)

A wonderful, pan-roasted, wild Alaskan salmon with roasted fennel on a red pepper broth - a lil spicy too

And to end my night, I asked for their sweet potato donuts "to-go". I got to take them home and enjoy. Their sauce served with them was molasses-based, which wasn't sweet enough for me, so I made due by dunking them in maple syrup - delicious

That's their chocolate pot de creme with a caramel tuile in front (who doesn't like saying "tuile"?)

Their menu from Restaurant Week:

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