Minneapolis Restaurant Week, Part 1: Coup d' État - Uptown

Like many cities, Minneapolis reserves one week in the summer as "new restaurant week". Restaurants that participate usually offer a reduced price, fixed (limited) menu, but in return are afforded the opportunity for so many more people to experience their restaurant firsthand, within only a week. People look forward to it all year. And crime of all crimes, I had yet to participate.

I sent an email out to a couple lady friends and we picked out a day and a few places we hadn't been from the list of ~30 restaurants. Of course, the one we chose was all booked even a week out, so I called an Open Table audible and went with a really new one I'd heard about in Uptown, Coup d' État (today meaning "to overthrow a government or ruling party", but literally translates to "stroke of state"). 

I'm not sure why they chose the name, perhaps it's a nod (or a hand gesture?) to the normal restaurant scene. It's clear from walking in it's just slightly different than other places, even in Uptown. It has a little edgier vibe, but still very inviting and warm. I don't know how they do it, but they do, likely with some of the nicest staff I've been around in some time, including a very pleasant and talkative bar manager, front of house staff, and our waitress. 

Since it was a Monday night, the drink on offer was also on happy hour until 7pm - perfect. Our fixed menu was $30 for three courses - can do. With just a few items per course you might think you wouldn't have enough to choose from, but that wasn't the case here. All three of us found something we liked, from each section of the menu, and were happy to put in our orders. Papa's hungry! (And maybe a little tipsy now, glad I skipped their "beer & a bump" happy hour drink special)

The food was the best part of the whole night. We all liked (and tried) everything ordered. 

First course
Deviled egg with dehydrated Kalamata olive, smoked trout roe, cumin and dill...maybe the best deviled egg ever (sorry, E). 

Second course
Pancetta wrapped pork tenderloin with fava bean, white bean, charred onion and a really simple, pleasing broth. 

Rhubarb tartlet with vanilla ice cream. No pic for this one as I dove in head first. 

With full bellies and happy hearts, we were happy to head out into the heat for home, saying we should go to one more new spot this week, and thinking how we could get back to Coup. I just saw they serve brunch!

And how about this space tucked in back for ~40 of your closest friends on your special night? Chandel-yes!

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