Maybe don't use this as your main dating profile photo.

I think it's a pretty universal truth that people visiting dating sites categorize others with intuition and experience. I think flattering pictures actually help people see beyond the cover, giving them time to peek inside the book. 

To that end, there may be some simple ways to get a leg up. Below isn't an exhaustive list, nor would I say they are absolutes, maybe someone has a good reason for making their main profile pic include a lizard (yet to see that actually). I also realize you may be trying to attract a certain/different kind of man. Good luck, but read below just the same.

I wouldn't make any of the below your main profile pic:
- you holding more than one drink (aka double-fisting)...at least not in my age bracket
- you posing with something dead that you've just killed
- you with a cat... ok, more than one cat
- you with a little teeny dog. Even just one. There's only one kind of woman that wants the kind of dog you can carry in leather luggage
- you with a random dude with your arms around him, face blacked out or not. Don't make us think of you with other guys...we don't know who they are just by seeing the pic
- you in zombie make-up...unless it's professionally done or just before Halloween
- you in a dark elf costume, including pitch black face and body makeup. There must be a dedicated dating site for that, or a support group
- you almost naked...why don't you leave something more to the imagination? We get it though, you like getting down. News flash - everyone does
- you on a bed, see above
- you with only your eyes/top of head/forehead/legs/cleavage showing. If it goes well, we'll see all of you eventually. Might as well start strong, start with all of you...or a nice headshot
- someone that isn't you. Duh 
- you in an amazingly hard yoga pose. You can impress me with your yoga prowess over a drink
- a sideways pic. You can't straighten an image file, really? How will you locate a bar for a first date?
- no pic at all... are you in witness protection? Do you work as a private investigator? Are you on the FBI's Most Wanted list? Maybe. And I'd guess your  job isn't that important. You aren't a spy, are you? ...if you can reveal that info. If none of the above, just post a pic of yourself 

I've seen everything above and presume people dismiss the profile immediately. Personally, I look for someone to date and hopefully more. It's slightly insulting to see someone's first introduction of themselves taken as a boast, goof, gaff, or outright lie. Not only that, but you have nine other photo slots to fill that aren't your main profile pic. Fill 'em up with all your pet/body/yoga/sideways shots, just not the first one. 

So join us - We all take a risk by making a real profile, main pic included. You might just be surprised by the results. 

Note: while I view female profiles, an astute reader has confirmed that male profile pics can be just as "creative"... probably worse.

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