First Taste,The Butcher & The Boar, Minneapolis, MN

If you have been hibernating for longer than just this winter, you may not have heard about this altar of meat. I know it gets good reviews and friends have said its worth a (meat heavy) trip. I haven't gotten a group together yet, but wanted to see it. So, just went in for a mid-evening drink and snack before meeting people out.

It seems to live up to the billing, though prices seemed a little too downtown for what you seemed to be getting. Then again, I'm not thinking this an every week kind of place for me, but for special occasions only. 

I had a good nitro pour stout (Left Hand) and their pickled plate, including all manner of vegetables, a pickled egg, and some pickled beef heart. Yes, the heart. I saw it on the menu and thought it would make a good story. Plus, I have to say, it was delicious. The whole plate in general, and specifically, the heart. Who knew?

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Victoria said...

ha,you must be your mother's son! anything weird or pickled :)


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