The Freehouse, Minneapolis ("North Loop"), MN

Go check this place out if you like small batch beers and good food in your face. I believe this place has taken over what was once and architectural office, that also seems to share a building with condo owners. The restaurant group also owns and runs places like, Edina Grill, Longfellow Grill, The Lowry, and Groveland Tap. So, if you like those places, and some home-brewed beers, I'd say chances are good you'd like Freehouse.

We tried five of the beers (choosing from three different glass sizes, pony, middy, and pint) and had two of their "jar" plates; one hummus and one smoked fish dip. All the beers and both the dishes were very good (we were not big fans of their "jar" idea for service, kinda clunky in execution). Service was also very friendly, courteous, and prompt.

I'd have written more, but the weather's too nice to be writing blog posts. In fact, we sat outside on their fair-sized patio and enjoyed the sun this day too.

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