Groundswell, St. Paul, MN

It seems like this is the perfect breakfast/coffee/lunch/dinner/drinks/gathering space for this out-of-the-way neighborhood. And it's not that out of the way, just a few blocks up from the Hamline Green Line lightrail stop and you're there. I'd suggest it on a Saturday morning for breakfast/brunch.

All the food looked delicious and everything we ate was delicious. I'd go back in a heartbeat, no question. I could also see myself going there all the time if I lived in the neighborhood, partly as there didn't' seem to be much else around, but mostly b/c it has wonderfully friendly staff, great options, and a very mellow vibe (plus WiFi).

Lots of locally made items to browse and buy while you dine. And speaking of dine...

They had me at "bacon".

Favorite tea of mine - "Evening in Missoula"

Vegan Banana Loaf, really good!

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