Chia Pod Oats Banana & Mango Breakfast Cereal

If I have the time & money, I really like shopping at WholeFoods. You can take your time browsing the aisles for new finds (stick to the outer border for the healthiest options though), after all that's what they want you to do.

A recent trip was no different and I spotted high up in the yogurt section a heat n' serve breakfast option loaded with the new super food, chia seeds. I had to try it and I was glad I did as it proved a delicious way to start the day.

I will say, it's a daring feat to put chia seeds and cold oats in a see-through container, as it always just looks like mush, but the taste was easily 10 times better than the look. And I suppose they have to show you what it looks like before you buy it or you'd be horrified when you open it at home.

It even comes with this clever, and 100% recyclable, spoon in the lid of the container. They seem to have thought this one through on a number of levels.


Holls said...

You wrote about chia pods... Lolz.

Holls said...

It's also worth mentioning the Downtown Minneapolis Whole Foods has the most attractive shoppers around.


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