How many states you got, yo?!

Just this past week, I was trying to recall how many US states I've been able to get to in my lifetime, and it prompted me to write them down (the ole memory isn't as sharp as it used to be). Here's my list so far (I ain't dead yet!). I'd like to say "in no particular order", but we all know that's not possible with me...

1. Illinois*
2. Wisconsin*
3. Minnesota*
4. Nebraska
5. Iowa
6. Indiana
7. Ohio
8. Michigan (Upper and Lower peninsulas)
9. Pennsylvania
10. West Virginia +
11. Kentucky +
12. Virginia
13. Maryland
15. Missouri
16. Texas
17. Oklahoma
18. Vermont
19. Rhode Island
20. Massachusetts
21. Connecticut
22. New York
23. Colorado
24. New Mexico
25. Arizona
26. Utah
27. California
28. Nevada
29. Idaho
30. North Carolina
31. Florida
32. Kansas
*official resident at one time or another
+ pretty sure, on a childhood vacation

Sorry, District of Columbia.
Not all of these were for any extended stays or even overnights. I'm pretty Oklahoma was just as we drove through on a grad-school spring break, but I'll still count it.

Feel free to write your states or totals in the comments.

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