Results, Poll #46, Black Friday.

Seems like most t.c readers don't really dig Black Friday, though I know that some (possibly non-respondents) went out and shopped in it and at least one of you liked Midnight Madness (which I've heard is insane!).

> 1 person (7%) chose 'shop til i drop, it's a must' - did you wear little elf shoes with reindeer bells on each foot as you skipped from store to store?
> 1 person (7%) chose 'it helps me get in the holiday spirit' - i could see this helping, but i'd rather get my dose closer to the actual holiday.
> 7 people (53%) chose 'i try to avoid it for the most part' - now this sounds like the t.c reader i know!
> 4 people (30%) chose 'it's the devil incarnate' - yeah, it definetly feels like one of the made up "Hallmark holidays", like Sweetest Day or Personal Assistant Day or That Guy That Helped You with The Groceries That One Time at Costco Day.

Then again, since this year's Thanksgiving was on the 27th, people will feel like there is less time before Christmas to get all the shopping in, b/c there is.

New poll up very soon.

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