Results, Poll #41, Hallow's Eve.

BOO - Let's have a gander, shall we:

> 3 females (23%) chose 'always, i love the holiday' - lookie there! girls love this holiday - yay!!!
> 0 males (0%) chose 'always, i love the holiday' - well well well, no guys love the holiday, not even one!
> 1 female (7%) chose 'yep, i got a party to go to' - i wonder what this female would have chosen if she not had a party to go to... hmmm?
> 1 male (7%) chose 'yep, i got a party to go to' - too bad dude... and i wonder if this party and your costume were done to please a woman in your life? Do tell!!!
> 6 females (46%) chose 'nah, it's for kids' - so a good amount of women don't really care about it, ok, fine.
> 2 males (15%) chose 'nah, it's for kids' - seems about right to me.

And we also see t.c has considerably more female readers than male (10 to 3, and one of the guys is myself). Perhaps I'm that much of a ladies man, but I can assure you that's not the case. I think a more likely explanation is that women, in general, are more prone to use this kind of medium to keep tabs on those around them. After all, this is blog for family and friends. Women talk on the phone more, and I think it makes sense they'd check on a friend's blog more too.

New poll NOT up now... whose ready for break this week? I'm sick and traveling to interview. Sorry.

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