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I bought a new TV this week, in support of the impending move (do I ever stop talking about the new job and new state? Maybe.) This was not a rash decision, but one I spent weeks researching. Most of this consisted of keeping an eye on the Sunday ads and finding the best deal. I even went to Costco (without being a member) and checked out their offerings.

What cinched it for me was a TV ad for Abt Electornics, here in Glenview. They were giving $75 credit for any recycled TV, towards the purchase of any TV bigger than 32" and meeting a minimum price. Well, getting rid of the tired and old-school TV I had bought for $25 seemed like a win-win for me and the local landfill. I pulled the trigger the other day and felt like I had found the best deal overall. And, I'd finally gone to the store that's just down the street from my childhood home. The place is HUGE. It can even be challenging to get service, though they have loads of salespeople roaming about. Now, I just need to keep my fingers crossed and hope the movers don't harm the brand new LCD flatscreen they'll be moving for me.

Do you have any weird, funny, or otherwise interesting recycling stories?

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Jes said...

dude! what about giving me the cash back at costco? oh well, glad you got a good deal!


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