Suds It Up Car Wash, Madison, WI

With an early spring seemingly already here in central WI, I had to get the winter grime off the car. I headed to one of my happy places - a local, family-owned business called, Suds It Up Car Wash. It's a better than average "touch" car wash.

"Touch" means it actually uses bristles and brushes that touch your car's finish and take the grit and grime off. They make "touchless" car washes now, but it's like paying some kid on the corner to spray your car with a strong hose. I tried to tell me Mom I washed something "touchless" once... she touched me alright, with the back of her hand!

Perhaps the best, and certainly most tactile, part is that once you're done with the exterior wash, they have 18 vacuum bays waiting for you to handle the interior.

"What's a vacuum bay?", you ask. Allow me to explain with pictures...

Long hoses of vacuuming suction just waiting for you to open your filthy car interior.

You get two attachment options, both literally "sucked" to their parking spots with suction power, either crevice or carpet/multi-surface. I prefer the latter for most of my car's interior. It does a fine job of all manner of debris, including all the salt from a winter of driving. And please, no loud music.

Option 1, or...

... Option 2. They stay stuck to their respective "parking spots" with the suction coming through the hoses from the master "canister". It's a pretty slick and simple set-up, imo.

I've never seen a car wash like this place before, but I think I'll be going back without question... maybe just to watch people clean their cars, or frankly, to volunteer to vacuum people's cars out for them. I mean, if you want something done right...

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