Badger Men's Hockey, Kohl Center, Madison, WI

A weekend with a sibling visiting Madison, plus 60-degree weather in February... well, I think it's high-time to take in a hockey match at the University of Wisconsin's Kohl Center.

We rode down to the Capitol areas well before the match, to see the sights, enjoy the sunshine and get ready for the game with some New Glarus Spotted Cow and tasty bar food from State Street Brats. It was a busy afternoon due to the weather and games happening that weekend at the Kohl Center (both men's hockey and basketball).

Once we made our way to the arena, it was clear this is a very nice, relatively new center of sporting events on campus, afterall, it handles the wood floor required for basketball and the ice required for hockey (much like our hometown United Center (Chicago Stadium of yore)).

They gave out free Wisconsin Hockey pom-poms, cha-ching!

They also have an excellent historical display for almost every UW sport in the spacious concourse in the arena. You can see much of the history of UW teams and athletes as you make your way around the concourse to your seats.

That's an old rowing sweater.

Even fine art is on display, like this below from known modern artist, Dale Chihuly... he's kind of hard to miss and not identify. I've mentioned him in previous posts too.

Finally, the seats were secured, the ice cream treat was in the tummy and we were ready for the game to begin...

This was a great rendition of our national anthem, helped very much by the UW Band and the crowd's own voices.

To that end, all game long, the crowd was more engaged than I've seen in most sporting events, especially at the college level. They had cheers and chants for all sorts of occurences (goals, penalties, etc), and we had them almost down pat by the end of the match. The team played their hearts out and garnered a 6-4 victory against their Big 10 opponent, the University of Michigan (boooo!).

We sped home on our trusty velocipedes in the much cooled night-time temps, but made it back around Monona without too much trouble... just icy cold hands for one of us.

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