Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, KS

I'm not sure there's much I can say about this metro-KC museum that hasn't already been noted, but I would say that if you find yourself with even 1-2 hours to spare in KC, this would be a good place to go. It has a very enojayble, vibrant mix of museum pieces to see and tons of interesting architectural nooks in the place. It is easily one of the better ancient and modern art museums I've been to... AND it's indoors and outdoors, which is pretty unique in my book.

Here's a selection of shots from the 2 hour visit we took...

Outdoors, heading in:

Watch for shuttlecocks everywhere - no joke
Huge grounds to hang out on, wee more art, and just enjoy all that is KC

Indoors, Main building with historic, older, and even ancient pieces:


Care for a spot of tea?

Indoors, Brock wing with more contemporary art - can you spot the Kandinsky?

Back outdoors to enjoy the grounds a bit more (with 60deg temops that day in Jan). We loved the Glass Labyrinth on the grounds... though didn't like seeing a toddler run his head into one of the walls (ouchie, he cried... and then got right back up):

And finally, this "tree" that we couldn't figure out if they'd covered an actual tree or made an entirely fake one out of this silvery, shiny material. Whatever the case, it was a cool tree to see:

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