Lidia's, Kansas City, KS

If you're like me and grew up watching PBS, featuring a Saturday line-up of chefs that help you become a foodie, then I think you might know this woman - Lidia Bastianich. 

Though she has a number of locations in the US (like NYC), we had the opportunity to visit her restaurant in Kansas City on a Sunday evening, before flight home. While this looks like a snoozer from the outset, it couldn't be further from the truth.

We had an awesome meal, held firmly in place by the pasta, as it should be. The salad to start was delicious, but the desert left something to be desired, unfortunately. I would absolutely go back anytime I have the chance or opportunity. The service was very good, the drinks were bold and well-portioned, and the restaurant is a nice place to share a meal with someone special, or host a small gathering. 

In case you were curious, our menu wound up like this: Ceasar salad split for two, Lemon Chicken, Pasta Trio (mosticholli with Tuna, pappardelle with short ribs, and a two-cheese ravioli with pear), and a molten chocolate cake with two small scoops of gelato. 

As a final note, I cannot stress how much this pasta was amazing. The ravioli was delightful with an almost too much flavor and sweetness of pear, but also pairing excellently with the cheese inside. And the pappardelle with short ribs was also done so well I can't pick which one was best. I felt like a two-time winner for getting to try them both. 

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