Hola Arepa, Minneapolis, MN

It was high-time I visited this food truck-turn-legit restaurant. It's been getting high praise for some time now, tucked in its 35th & Nicollet location. A recent happy hour idea and 90-degree afternoon provided the perfect backdrop for a visit. 

We started with their unique and tasty sangria a or beers, with a small snack they all Cheetos Brittle. The drinks hit the spot and the brittle was interesting. They take some fiery Cheetos and "candy" them as far as I can tell. They're crunchy, sweet and spicy, but I'm not sure I'd order them again. 

We moved on to one of their small plates, a braised beef option, plus the pretty standard chips-guac-queso app. The plantain with braised beef was very good. Looking back, I could have had two of these as a meal. 

After this, we wound up really over-extending our happy hour by having arepas, and in my case, half of a dessert choice. We probably didn't need more food, but I think we got caught up in the food options, and the happy hour drinks had taken hold - Point for Hola Arepa. 

The yuca fries and sauce options are very good. For dessert, we chose the ice cream sandwich with homemade corn cookies (corn meal, Fritos, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, and Corn Pops). As you might guess, these are fancy and tasty cookies with vanilla ice cream. This choice was also an over-the-top but delicious way to end the night.  

So, good service, good drinks, and that live up to the billing. They are unique, hearty, and quite good. I would happily go back for more food and some of the drinks I didn't get to sample, like this...

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