Good ole scissor sharpening.

I remember a lot of things about my grandparents and their home, but some of my fondest memories revolve around their basement and, more specifically, my grandfather's work shop. He had all manner of tools, baby food jars filled with screws & nails, and projects in various states of completion.

He had a lot of tools I wasn't really comfortable picking up as a kid, and just knew better than to touch a man's tools as an adult. However, I was able to pick out a few items when he passed away.

One of the items I picked was his shoe shine kit, written about HERE. Another was a wonderful, old-school, wooden toolbox. My final item was a very large pair of scissors. I didn't really have a need for a foot-long pair of scissors (not embellished), but I always liked their impressive size and quality construction. 

(That's a set of kitchen shears next to the behemoths)

I've kept them "on display" in my home since I brought them back. Recently, having used them with only a bit of efficiency, I decided I should get them professionally sharpened. Thanks to Google and the woman that cuts my hair (she uses scissors), I found a really pro-style sharpening store near my home. Hallelujah!

I finally deciphered their funny hours and went to visit. Sure enough, a man much like my grandfather was watching his block through the store front window and greeted me as soon as I entered. 

(Brand appears to be "WISS")

As soon as I handed the scissors to the owner, he said, "Where did you get these?" I told him they were my grandfather's. He then said, "Was he a roofer?" I know gramps did a lot of stuff, but don't recall this profession on his resume. So, I said, "No," but with a look of curiosity on my face. 

He let me know that these huge scissors were something roofers used some time ago to cut shingles and tar paper. Though I never thought of my grandpa as a roofing expert, I told the owner that sure sounded like him. If he had a project that required a special tool or made the project turn out better, he'd go out and buy it. 

The scissors took a couple days to sharpen, but did this place do an amazing job. The slightly rusty patina on the blades and worn-from-use handles were left untouched, but the business sides of the blades look amazing. I think Grandpa would be pleased and proud. 

(That's my forearm, I'm 5'11")

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Victoria said...

gpa would be proud!
funny that you have the "on display" :)


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