A Chef's Life / Chef & The Farmer

I love this show. 

But let me explain why. I grew up watching little TV after school and on weekends. Mom didn't allow it, so that was the way it was. We would get maybe one after-school show each day (like GI Joe or He-Man... our sister often got out-voted on the choice) and then towards the middle-end of my childhood we were allowed to watch Saturday morning cartoons as well.

But one this I will always remember is watching the cooking shows on PBS. It seemed like our mom would give us carte blanche to watch anything on PBS. They could do no wrong and it was all educational. We were fine with her views in this matter, as long as we got to watch TV (I mean, we were kids after all). In many ways, I think the cooking shows on PBS were the precursor or forerunner of the Food Network, but I don't think I've ever heard anyone say that before, or have read about it. 

But you can't tell me personalities like Martin Yan ("If Yan can cook, so can you!"), Julia Childs, that crazy cajun guy ("I gare-uhn-tee!"), Charlie Trotter, James... crud, what was his name? With the white bearsd... it's going to drive me nuts. This group of chefs has to be the start of Americas love of watching and learning how to prepare new and interesting foods from new and interesting cultures. Even now their list of chefs is still quite impressive, located HERE.
So, what do I still often do on Saturdays around lunchtime? I watch the chefs on PBS. One that I've grown quite fond of is called "A Chef's Life". It follows the trials and tribulations of a wife, Vivian Howard, and husband, Tim. This duo moved from NYC back to her hometown in eastern North Carolina. Her parents enticed them to move back by helping to fund a new restaurat and the show now chronicles the daily goings-on in their two culinary business ventures, on the surface. What it does below the surface is so much more interesting, giving you a look into the creative process of a chef, restaurateur, edibles procurement, forager, pit-master, mother, father, daughter, son-in-law, wife, husband, hostess, host, nervous-public-speaker. It's been very fun to watch food, family, and traditions come together in such a unique and wonderful way.

You can see the last show I saw HERE. It's all about ramps. You know what ramps are, right? No? Well, you better watch just for that. In fact, if you live anywhere near their restaurants in Kinston, NC you can probably start looking for these edible greens come spring, but only for a short time. Check them out HERE.

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