6Smith, Wayzata, MN

Though there was a slight hesitation on this place based on some Google reviews I saw while making the Open Table reservation, I went in to this re-done space in Wayzata with nothing but the best of hopes. I had wrangled in two couples to go with me, and we were all looking forward to a fun night.

In short, 6Smith did not disappoint. We enjoyed every dish that came out to us. We were very pleased with their service. The space is well-appointed and comfortable (but perhaps a bit cold, in both temperature and chosen materials). The prices seem commensurate with other restaurants like it, but it's not a cheap night. Then again, I would suggest saving this place for something special or when you deserve a treat.

I liked their unique light fixtures
I really liked the hanger steak that I ordered though... they had grilled grapes and onions on top. Both were a bit excessive, but easy to push to the side in order to get into the meat of the matter, so to speak. Oh, those oven-roasted Brussels sprouts in the skillet behind the plate were also very good, with a great Fresno chili sliced on top.
Dessert was a diminutive ice cream-eclair sundae, made with Izzy's ice creams. It was delicious and I could have eaten a normal-sized eclair version, for the same $9 
Their menu had so many great, unique and tasty items on it (that we all tried) that I will have to come back to 6Smith to try more. They also serve lunch and brunch, so there's almost no reason not to try this lakeside spot.


Victoria said...

i want to eat that dessert right now!!

Paulina said...

6Smith looks great! I was hoping to ask you a couple questions via email, would you mind letting me know how to reach you? Thank you!

.mk. said...

You could leave your info here, unless you have another idea.


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