Kyatchi, Minneapolis, MN (Kingfield)

After a quick stop at the chiropractor  (aka, back-cracker), I needed to delay heading out in rush hour traffic and decided this 9-month old newcomer would fill the bill.

I don't have the whole story, but one of the brother-sister co-owners, Sarah, gave me a good amount. She was very conversational, like I've never experienced in the Twin Cities before. In the long run, Kyatchi is hoping the neighborhood's face lift helps lift the commerce all around.

I don't know about that, but I can say for sure that I loved everything I tried and NEED to go back.

The menu sticks to the Japanese theme of their name and offers a wide variety of dishes, including: sushi/sashimi, yakitori, donburi, and even their take on hotdogs (recently awarded best dog in town).

I loved the menu and had a hard time picking just a couple items. I settled on two yakitori (traditional Japanese grilling) items and a donburi (rice bowl). I had Japanese peppers and beef on the grilled skewers, then light a fluffy chicken meatballs in the rice bowl. It was all delicious.

As a small thank you,  I also was given two saki tokens for my next visit - who wants to go?

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