Red Wing Brewery, Red Wing, MN

A small adventure day requires a place to take a load off, decompress, and have a good beer (root or otherwise). We found this 15 month old resurrected brewery name down near the water of the mighty Mississippi. 

This new brew place has a max capacity capacity of 49 people, so it should never feel too packed, but the compact, light industrial space is filled with all manner of Red Wing brewing history. This artwork and history makes the space. 

The beer and pizza menus finish off the place. Be prepared to wait a bit for your pizza, perhaps filling the wait time with more beer? You can also get to-go growlers of anything on tap, including their very good rootbeer. We had that "beer" plus their fully leaded porter and stout. All of them were delicious, esp after an ambitious and somewhat white-knuckle drive on twisty snowy WI side roads...you got me this time Google Maps.

Two suggestions for upping their game or watch out for if you go - 
1. Watch the ingredient mix on the calzones. Ours had way too much ricotta and not enough of the ingredients we'd chosen. The crust and side of marinara were great though.
2. Service norms - while the crew is very friendly and helpful, they are missing some speed in the kitchen and what now seems like a ubiquitous POS system. They hand write checks then tally totals and taxes on a calculator. iPads aren't that pricey and a plug-in credit card reader can be bought at Target for $10 (like one from Square). 

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