Honeypie Cafe, Bayview, MKE, WI, Take 2

In what can only be described as a Christmas Eve Eve miracle, I was able to swing back into MKE and have dinner at this great spot in Bayview.

I don't have pictures of all our food, but it was all delicious. We were so hungry that even the pics I do post are of half-eaten plates...because it looked to good to wait and the vultures I went with gave me no time for pics. (kidding on the vultures part) How about starting the meal with Pork Fries? Think Irish Nachos with pulled pork on top. And on a super cold winter night, how about a Chicken Biscuit Pie? Fuggettaboutit!

Finally, the pie. This was a long time coming and totally worth the wait. We had our thinking caps on and "reserved" two slices even before being seated for dinner. This pie is the stuff of legends. Cookies n' Cream and Butterscotch. Wow.

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