Yum, Minneapolis, MN

This is just a quick hit post after a GREAT breakfast at Yum this weekend. I'd passed this place many times and am kicking myself for not going in before now.
The breakfast fare is perfect for a weekend, the coffee bar will make you your favorite hot  coffee-based beverage, and they have a selection of sweet treats that make it hard to say 'no'. On top of that normal stuff, they had very friendly service and a very inviting seating area.
You should go in, very soon. Don't wait as long as I did.
The "invitation" starts as soon as you walk in and try to make your first decisions
The "Yum" plate... eggs, sausage patties, has browns, and a great piece of challah with their own jam. The patties also seemed like a little hot italian sausage - so good!
Someone's breakfast sandwich with great crispy bacon on what seemed to be a homemade English muffin - also outstanding and hitting the spot on a Saturday morning

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