Honeypie Cafe, Bayview, MKE, WI

Did you ever find such a cool place you went back twice in one day? And made a mental note to make sure you go back again and again? Honeypie in Milwaukee's Bayview neighborhood fit the bill on my birthday.

We started by having a great brunch right when they opened, and wound up going back after dinner for a b-day cupcake (see other post).

I started the day with the "Farmer's Breakfast", which includes French toast. I was full alright. We enjoyed seeing all the people fill up the place as we ate. Everyone's food in our group was good. Fresh fruit cups, light and flavorful quiches, and how could you miss the pie and cupcake cases (yes, one case for each). Not only is the food on point, the staff is, the bathrooms are, and the beverages are too. It's a great little "slice" (get it!?) of a neighborhood place done right. Kudos, Honeypie.

As luck would have it, it wound up being on our way home from dinner, and I decided to get one more drink and cupcake. The beer I chose was a great winter ale all the way from Sweden, perfekt!

One final note, while my cupcake was enjoyable, it was clear after sitting by the pie case that this is one area that really shines, just by the volume of people coming in to order by the slice. I will have to go back...mmmm, pie.

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14th Street Vintage said...

Sounds great,! Gotta get up there one day.


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