Tobie's Restaurant & Bakery, Hinckley, MN

You like donuts, right? You make the drive north every so often, right? Well in case you live under a rock, you should stop at Tobie's on your way up to Duluth. You can fill up the car, fill up your belly, and grab some fresh made donuts for the rest of the drive.
And don't think these are regular gas station donuts; these are proper , fresh, bakery donuts...like "they used to make". It's an awesome old-school donut experience. The Custard Bismark (aka, Boston Creme) was great and the Maple Long John was no slouch either. Solid  all around. Even the box they packed them in (to avoid in-car donut injuries) was a custom touch I'd never seen before.
Do yourself a favor/flavor and stop in.

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