Minocqua, WI

After a fun-filled weekend in Manitowish Waters, WI (say that ten times fast!), I stopped off in Minocqua to check out the main drag and have lunch. I'd heard about this city when I lived in Milwaukee, from native Wisconsinites, but never really understood its place in WI outdoor adventures.
My take - It seems as though people from IL go as far north as Lake Geneva or The Dells... but people in WI go much further north to Minocqua and beyond. They know why too... a lot less peolpe and a lot more wilderness and outdoor adventures.
I get the impression that Minocqua is the Jersey Shore of Wisconsin, and I mean that in the nicest way. They have their version of the Shore Store, where you can emblozon a t-shirt with any slogan you want, and many you don't and one of the largest sports stores I've ever been in, with tons of Packer and Bears stuff.
It's an "island city" and has a very relaxed, small town vibe. I had a great time walking that strip, popping into the shops, and having a relaxed brunch before getting back on the road.
Uber-custom cheesehead beer coozie anyone? 
 A three foot, hand-made, $600 bobble-head of Clay Matthews anyone?
Nothing starts the day right like Packers labelled waffles... 
...Except Packers labelled toast 
The Mother Load 
Who doesn't hate the Cleatues Robot on FOX? 

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