Mill Valley Kitchen, Minneapolis, MN

 I had a chance to check out this somewhat new spot in Minneapolis recently. Overall, I would recommend it as a family and small-group friendly space, with interesting drinks, and mid-to upper level dinner offerings ($15-$30+ per entree). They even snuck a cool "Pope Room" in the corner of the place... it looked to be a great spot if you want to host a small group or have a small family event.
Reservations were easy on OpenTable and the front desk staff was on the ball.
Decent tap beer selection, but lots of wines and even smoothies for the healthy or tasty. I was surprised by how casual the bartenders (two women) were dressed. They appeared to have just come from a kick-boxing workout and were both, head-to-toe, in black spandex. I understand wearing black in the restaurant, but how about a button down from The Limited or something.... maybe some slacks.
Great pseudo-bonsai and real bonsai trees all around. 
Sea Bass with Red Quinoa... very good 
Really nice seating, generous size of the whole place, no feelings of crowding. 
Open and impressive kitchen... and magic comes from that oven. 
Try a few mini-desserts: great for sharing, makes you feel like less of a pig, and potentially cheaper.
They have much more nutritional info on their menu than I've ever seen - thanks! I think it's a proven fact or something that this kind of information helps people make healthier choices. 
Roasted Chicken Breast with Farro Mushroom Risotto, also very good.

(from top left around) Lemon Curd, Maple Panna Cotta w/ Smoked Salt (stir it in!), and Tiramisu - all very good and not at all too much at the end of the meal... just about perfect.

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