Only in MN?

Evidently anyone can make food products now-a-days. Even American's beloved breakfast cereal. BUT, just because you can do it, doesn't mean you should. I don't think fellow, local MN cereal giant, General Mills, will have anything to worry about... but maybe they can take this idea and make it more, uhm, pallettable.

Wouldn't you like to see this on your store's shelves?! WTF.

And to add insult to injury, they have a 2nd flavor that's even more offensive than the first.

Who is actually thinking while you're shopping for food... "Boy, I don't want to think about eating, I want to think about pooping?!" And did you see how much it costs?!!!??? Almost $8 for 12oz of handmade granola (I hope they wash their hands)! I think there are far cheaper ways to stay regular, like raisins or prunes... or eating a normal healthy, balanced diet. Crazy ideas I have, I know.

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