2nd Date Recap, in pics

Date night was finally here and I was looking forward to the events. Watch as they unfold before your eyes...

Finding parking near MPLS' MIA wasnt' too bad... but sort of ominous... luckily I parked to the left of that sign and avoided tickets

We wound up joining a new museum tour that had a very interesting premise. The resident curators walked our small group to six different exhibits. Once there, they would tell us some background on the piece, then two stories about the piece. One story was true, one story was false. It was your job on the tour to pick out the correct stories. And yes, there were prizes at the end. It was a very unique tour and not as easy as we thought.

But, as a team, we pulled out one of the top scores, 4/6 correct, tied for first place. I got to choose between some Chinese porcelain book or a book modernist design postcards. I chose the latter... look for some in your mail, perhaps.
This is the art on the walls in both the men's and women's bathrooms at the place we chose for dinner. I don't know what the commentary is, but I do know it's funny.

And to finish off a really great dinner (homemade pesto gnocchi with preserved lemon for her, grilled sirloin with broccoli rabe and bacon-creme freche mashed potatoes for him - though we shared anyways), we couldn't resist a Bittersweet Chocolate Gateaux (look it up!) with Door County Cherry Whipped Cream and Roasted Salted Sliced Almonds. It. Was. Ridiculous.
The date was pretty great too.

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