Take a bicycle ride...

... you never know what you'll encounter when you're not going 74mph (and sticking your phone out the window). If you get out on a bike (or walk), you can take your time and "stop to smell the roses". Who knows what you'll see.

[ you may have to get of the normal path - but in hindsight, I wouldn't do it on skinny, 23c road tires + gravel]

[this was just sitting there in the middle of a hilly part]

[and who doesn't like horsies!?!]

[this "pinto" was actually the first picture of the gang, he/she seemed to mug it up for the camera - the bigger brown horse above came in to check out what was going on after these shots. And I couldn't get a good shot, but there were to little foals just to the left of this pen... next time]

These are just a few of the things on found on a medium-length ride in Omaha, NE. Yeah, I know, I didn't expect this quality of finds or riding in Omaha either, but I had my suspicions/hopes.

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