Lanterne Rouge.

I still can't get enough of the bike pics on CycleChic. The one above is in a quick post about the jerseys and highlights of the Tour de France (going on right now). The post shows city shots of common jerseys in the tour (people riding in the city in yellow, green, white, etc).

There is an "honor" bestowed during the race to the last rider in the standings, known as the "Lanterne Rouge". This is due to the fact that way back when, the end of the race used to be marked by a vehicle with a large red lantern on it. They don't need to signify this occurrence now, so they give the honor to the last rider. It can change during the race (as many riders in this spot need to drop out (not feeling good))... but one rider always gets this honor as they make their way to Paris on the last day. Not exactly a career springboard, but fun for the fans.

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