Eno Vino and AC Hotel Terrace, Madison, WI

What a great place to visit! The hotel looks great, the views from the 9th and 10th floors are like none I've ever seen downtown, the food was great, and the service was much, much better than standard Madison restaurant service (these folks were prompt, informative and helpful). I would recommend this place for anyone looking to do something special, small or large groups, adventurous or shy... no matter. Check it out.

Grab the one all the way on the righthand side of the main, first-floor hotel entrance, off Webster St. Hurry, jump in!

The elevator didn't seem to want to let me hit floor 9, so I chose 10 and then it started moving...


From the elevator, head to the big windows, then go down one level to gain access to the first-come first-serve seating on the outdoor terrace...

Then just sit back, order some wine and drink it all in... wine and views...

Brose... sparkling too.

After a pretty decent summer shower, we were treated to full rainbow views on the terrace. It paid to sit tight in our seats, even if we got a little wet.

Again, the skyline views can't be beat... at least from places I've been to so far downtown.

We picked a couple items to share from the menu and really liked both - Calamari "Fries" and a great Gnocchi with Pancetta.

I hit the restroom in Eno Vino on my way out and was surprised to see such a high-end and nice restaurant inside too.

I mean, it's got "Vino" in their name...

Awesome views even from the dining room...

Google this place up and check it out if you want something fun and unique. I'll be back again and again.

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