Retail Therapy: Amazon Books, Chicago, IL

I'm a big fan of a memorable retail experience. Do you remember what you felt and thought the first time you saw an Apple Store? What about that neighborhood co-op that always has new stuff to interest you?

It's also now clear, if you read books like The Revenge Of Analog, that people like buying things in stores. We do. We're irrational consumers and, as the name implies, we buy things we don't always know to be rational. Companies, brands, and the retail stores know this too. We may have 90 million homes in the US with an Amazon Prime account, but there's no denying that we like seeing something new, researching online, shopping in person, landing that new item, buying it, and bringing it home. 

Amazon even knows this, which is why they have started their own chain of Amazon Books stores. I was lucky enough to "bump" into one in Chicago and I simply had to go in. 

Surprise, surprise, it looks a lot like the book stores you remember, but with a twist or two. 

Two price levels and you can pay in a few ways...

They also have their electronic devices on offer too, which makes sense as they're e-readers and other home-based items.

 Maybe you need some headphones with your e-reader?

And then it's just really nicely sorted and displayed books/magazines... plus a kids' section too.

You remember magazines, right?

And to top it all off, they have a chain coffee shop (Stumptown) set-up in a nice little wing inside the store, to handle low blood sugar issues while you get your shopping on...

This store is in the Southport neighborhood in Chicago and fit in really well to this pretty high-end retail block (or two). They kept everything inside crisp and clean and it showed well to all the folks browsing that day.

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