Ice Cream in the Land of Dairy, Madison, WI

If you live in the US, Midwest, and especially Wisconsin, ice cream is pretty much king... and I'm not talking orangeberry or some such nonsense. I mean real, honest-to-goodness, full-fat ice creams, and in WI, custards too.

You can get your cream on in the grocery store...

Now, I didn't want a full half gallon of ice cream to tempt with with sweet not-nothings in my freezer each night, but the ice cream bait had been set that evening and I had to have some.

You can get your ice cream on at a corner shop too, open pretty late most night, with rotating flavors about every week...

The open double dish from the local "giant" Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Co. It's fantastic stuff, and I've not had a bad flavor or experience there yet. You may want to be prepared to wait in line if it's a busy summer night though. 

Here's the selection break-down for he above dessert...

And you may be asking yourself, "Self, What's the difference between an ice cream and a custard?" Click the hyperlink.

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