Chicago Riverwalk, Chicago, IL

I was recently in the City of Broad Shoulders and what greeted me that morning as I arose from Union Station was rain. It made me keep my head tilted down, and with the bent, I saw something below street level, probably for the first time (and I think it's relatively new, so it wasn't there when I lived in the city) - Chicago's Riverwalk.

It's a man-made structure that skirts the north side of Wacker Drive and the Chicago River. I have to say, it's a great way to the the river skyline, and I can see how in the summer it would be a great place to gather, have lunch, and soak up some rays before heading back into your cubicle.

Check it out...

I took it about half the length and popped back up onto surface streets at LaSalle. I would have gone further, but I didn't have unlimited time, there was almost no people-watching, and it was pouring rain the whole time. I'll be back though, mark my words.

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