Graze, Madison, WI

Before moving to this city, I had to make sure some of the lofted eateries were on point. One place to check was Graze. We went on a busy summer night, and it was packed. People seemed happy to wait 30-60 minutes for a table. Luckily, we snaked some spots at the bar. Personally, I think being at the bar alleys you to see and hear much more, so it was fine with me. 

We started with drinks, which can be a real debate for the drinker. Take a look:

I went with a local beer, and we decided on some deep fried pickle chips, delicious. 

On to what to eat for dinner. Again, you have a lot to decide, but by no means is any of it overwhelming, it's just fun to see such cool stuff on the menu and think about eating it. 

Now I know what you're thinking, "What did you get Marty?!" And that's a good question. 

I went with a Asian theme, trying some pork belly buns and then a Korean bulgogi beef bowl. 

While the flavor a were good, there was some disappointment with my choices and their service. I wished I had read the menu more carefully and realized the buns were pork BELLY and not just the pork butt. I'm not a fan of pork belly. It's also in almost every "hip" joint. I find it to have a terrible mouth feel and almost no taste. Maybe it goes back to cold Polish Easter morning breakfasts, but it's not for me. Plus, it simply can't be good for you.

It also was delayed in the service and came about the same time as my bowl. It wasn't a deal breaker, they were very busy, and it was comp'ed...but it just felt funny on my first visit. 

The bowl was full of wonderful flavors, but one odd item. The bowl's base is rice cakes. They're like little building blocks made of sticky rice, which I think was fried or baked too. It was weird to dig into this bowl and realize I had work to do to eat. It took some effort to break up the rice blocks with chop sticks. 

Having had a decent meal, I'd go back. I'm going to need to try their Old Fashinoned this fall. Maybe just stop in for drinks. 

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