Adele's Frozen Custard, Excelsior, MN

Time for a trip to Adele's!?!?!
Sign. Me. Up. 

Since I'd only heard about this gem this year, I'm not surprised I haven't been before, but a little surprised I hadn't gotten to this place already. Well, tonight was the night. 

Right off the bat, I felt they had plenty of inviting seating, perhaps it's even enough for the summer throngs, but I'll have to "test" that theory later this season. 

They have some very helpful references for newbies, including their flavor of the day menu, daily board, and normal custard menu (not shown - full food menu too). 

Now, down to brass tacks, or in this case, custard. I chose a small scoop (really a healthy scoop) of their flavor of the day, Red Velvet. It looks well worth the price...

And tasted glorious! It even featured a ribbon of cream cheese frosting through it. Look closely, you can see it too. Very impressive, Adele. (keep your songstress references to yourself)

Finally, a few more small details to really get you out of your BarcaLounger:

They seem pet friendly...

And they have a drive-thru, Saddlebags. 

Make no mistake about it, I will be back. It's going to be a tough call each time I'm faced with a Licks Unlimited vs. Adele's decision in Excelsior... How will I live?

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