Cold-press Coffee Taste Tests

Many of you that know me know I can't drink straight-up leaded coffee (full caffeine). It makes me even more talkative and more likely to interrupt our conversation. But, I have recently been given the chance to try some cold-press options, and I couldn't say "no".

To start, we have a canned "nitro" variant from the state that brings us hipsters and Portlandia - Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee out of Portland, OR.

Looks promising, I love nitro in beers.

And although the can clearly states it should be given a healthy shake, this thing was a mess from the get-go. Why did they add bubbles to a canned coffee? I don't know. 

Despite its mess, I will admit that it did taste good. It's a fine morning cold brew, but maybe leave out the extra suds.

Second, we have a selection from the state that brings us the only Democratic city in the US' 2nd largest state - Chameleon Cold-Brew Concentrate out of Austin, TX.

I'd pity the fool that didn't realize this is a concentrated coffee product and guzzled it down. I'd say the labels gave adequate warning, but maybe still a bit dangerous for a bleary-eyed fool just waking up. 

That said, I like that you have about four coffee drinks in one bottle. You can also choose to "cut" the concentrate any way you choose. With agua, sure. Want to pour it over melty ice, why not? Add a bit of cream and ice and you have a very tasty beverage. And that's the important point, the coffee taste and flavor from this brew is good. I'd give it a thumbs up.

That's it for now.

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